Shastho BD provides a website “” and a mobile app “Shastho BD “ for Android. The websites and the app allow our members and other users to view health-related information, communicate with our practitioners and staff, arrange for clinical services, view medical records, and access additional services.

The privacy notice applies to the websites and the app, which are owned and operated by Shastho BD. The privacy notice describes how Shastho BD collects and uses personal information provided by visitors of the websites, and mobile App. The following information will be collected for the website & mobile app :

1: General informations

1.1 Particualars

(1) Full name


(3) Gender

(4) Date of birth

(5) Weight

(6) Phone number.

1.2. Personal information :

(1) Image

(2) Blood group

(3) Previous personal health information

(4) Existing health information

(5) Family medical profile

(6) Symptoms.

(7) Any other information shared with the platform.

2: Data collection

2.1. Your information with the app services including device ID, device type including RTR model, operating system and other device identifiers with version and mobile network information, location information, computer and connection information tracking and advertising IP addresses from the page viewing statistics app includes the information they collect and other information but not limited to.

2.2. Any personal information you have provided in this app for conversation, resolution or shared from any other application. Other information that is requested from you in a timely manner as needed,

2.3. Information about transactions in the app and other information about you and the bill on the platform.

2.4. Identifier general information or generic information and their aggregates collected to improve design with platforms and services. 

2.5. Non personal information based on the use of the platform such as third-party service providers such as Google Analytics when you use the platform and other partners may collect personal information, including your IP address, from cookie server log and similar technologies on your mobile device. 

2.6. Your conversation with the doctor may be preserved for training or the improvement of service.

2.7. We use data hosting service providers so your information may be transferred and stored on servers in Bangladesh and beyond . This app maintains control over your information. We use technical and administrative security to protect and secure your information. Some of the security measures we use and firewalls and data encryption control personal access to our data centers.

3. Mode of using your information:

3.1. The information collected enables users and registered physicians to conduct consultations and perform app-related tasks.

3.2. Outside of this policy, the app will not share your personally identifiable or transaction information with any person.

3.3. To verify your account we will sent you opt massage. All other information will be informed to you by sending sms. You can stop it by closing the account. In case of infringement of privacy by sending sms the platform will not be responsible.

4: Data transfer or sharing

You agree to transfer or share any information you provide in this app to any other organization or affiliate of the shastho BD app in accordance with applicable law.User's personal information is protected in accordance with privacy rules.

5: Changes or amendments to the Terms

5.1. The Platform reserves the right to modify or change the terms at any time at its sole discretion by posting updated terms on the App.

5.2. It is your responsibility to verify any changes or amendments to the terms. If you do not wish to be bound by the terms than you can log out or quit from the Platform.

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